A few weeks ago, I hurt my ankle in a freak accident when travelling on work. My colleagues and boss helped me with the medical treatment in an unfamiliar city and got me back home safely. The running of my household and care of my children was taken over by family. Family, friends and well wishers, visited me, prayed for me and kept in constant touch ensuring that my spirits were high.

Confined to bed for 6 weeks, with my mobile, my laptop and Alexa for company, I gained a new perspective on my life. For someone who firmly believed that my world ran because of my unmatched planning and execution skills, it was a timely reminder on the fragility of life as well as the illusion of self importance. While I had it bad with the accident, it could have been worse. This accident led me to count my blessings and be grateful for them.

Grateful for being alive and being able to see the light of each new day.

Grateful for my parents who always mean well and support me in everything I undertake.

Grateful for my health; to be able to see life – the good with the bad, to wake up to the sound of birds chirping, to walk, to talk, to run with the wind.

Grateful for my spouse for picking up the things I drop and being there through thick and thin.

Grateful for my kids who put up with my erratic schedules and ambitions and still look up to me as if I am the best.

Grateful for my siblings & friends who drop everything to be with me when I am in trouble.

Grateful for my education and upbringing and all the small opportunities that came along the way to make me what I am today.

Grateful for being able to afford medical care when I need it.

Grateful for my household help, who keeps household moving round the clock.

Grateful for living in a vibrant democracy, where I can exercise my free will.

And the list goes on and on!

Being grateful, brought about a new peace and calmness in me and made the recovery period smoother.

It is not only in bad times, but also in good that one should practice gratitude. Practicing gratitude keeps one grounded and ensures that we don’t take ourselves self seriously. It’s something we always take for granted and forget in the busy-ness of life. The more we are grateful, the more the happiness and contentment we experience, permeating through all aspects of our lives!

It’s never too late, to start practicing gratitude. A gratitude jar or daily prayer is good way to inculcate this value. Every time you are unhappy or discontented or confused, take a pause. Recall one thing that happened in the day that you are grateful for and your world tilt on it’s axis and become right!