In the field of magnetism, the opposite poles attract. It is also said that, in love opposites attract. However, in life the Law of Attraction works the other way!!

The Law of Attraction is simple – you get what you attract! If you desire something or want things to happen a certain way, it will!  All you need to do is firmly believe that your wish will be fulfilled, never self-doubt yourself or the universe, things will happen. It truly works!  Infact, it is one of the guiding principles of my life.  You want a dream house, dream job, happiness, a stress-free life – believe in the law of attraction, you will achieve it!

The Law of Attraction has been around since time immemorial and it is found across cultures, not just the Eastern culture. Time and again in life, I have had books on this topics or people advocating this concept, pop in my life. Kryon, Awakening with Bramhakumaris, Secret by Rhonda Bryon, The Magic Mala by Bob Olson are a few of them.

The Law of Attraction and co-creation go hand in hand.  As per the Law of Attraction, one can achieve anything one wants. So essentially it comes down to deciding what you want! All you need to do is think/visualize the reality you want and it will happen.

The Law of Attraction is a science, not some old wives’ tale. The thoughts we generate create vibrations. We attract things that vibrate at the same frequency. Negative vibrations will attract people and experiences of the same type. Positive vibrations will attract people and experiences with similar vibrations. Doubting whether your desire will be achieved is a negative vibration. So, for every positive thought you create, if you doubt whether your desire will be achieved, you cancel the positive thoughts created earlier. At all times one needs to ensure that one creates thoughts of the reality one wants. No thought that conflicts with the desired reality should be created.  This can be achieved only by being mindful at all times.

From simple things like avoiding a long wait during the passport renewal process to getting kids to change annoying habits to my job – the Law of Attraction has always worked for me. It usually works fast too, so one does not need to draw up on endless reserves of patience.

It is so simple, yet many find it difficult to believe and practice. I would attribute a lot of it to Murphy’s Law which states “If anything can go wrong it will.” To ensure our lives run smoothly, we think about all the worst-case scenarios and have a backup plan for every situation. For the Virgo in me, plans and backup plans appeal a lot. I used to live by them. I had a triple backup plan for childcare arrangements and the plans failed at least twice a month. Now I no longer fret about them, and things run smoothly with just one childcare option.

Think back on your life – of all the times you have got what you wanted and the times you haven’t. How was your mental makeup at that time? Did your thoughts shape those events in your life? You will be surprised by what you come up with!