Ever been in a situation where nothing – work, hobbies,family, friends – interests you or motivates you? Even taking in a movie or book seems like a chore? Suddenly, you seem to have lost your Mojo!!

The word “mojo” is derived from an African language and relates to magic and spells to generate luck and power. In today’s world, “mojo” refers to a source of vigor, energy, and power.

I have lost my mojo more often than I wish I had not, mostly due to overwork or a series of unfortunate incidents (which in hindsight appear very trivial).  So, why do we lose our Mojo?

Human beings primarily seek fulfillment and appreciation in all spheres of life – work, relationships, society. Fulfillment comes when we love what we do or we believe that we are making a difference to someone or in achieving specific goals. Appreciation makes a person feel valued and there by motivates the person to go on.

We spend bulk of our lives at work and with family and as such they have a profound impact on our Mojo. Remember a time when your business case for a new idea at work was shot down without a fair hearing or when your family did not appreciate the food you lovingly cooked for them? Not a happy feeling, right?

A one-off incident will temporarily impact your mojo – it can be quickly recouped with another achievement or a loving word or appreciation. But if you face a series of such incidents, your mojo keeps diminishing. This is one thing that every being must watch out for.

Pc: Dee Swaminathan

So how do we regain our Mojo?

Here is what I recommend based on my experiences……………………..

Be aware always, so that you can detect the loss of your mojo.The sooner you detect it, the faster you can fix it. The first step is to realize that you have lost your mojo.

Once you have realized the loss of your mojo, figure out why? Is it your health, work or spouse or kids or are you simply overworked? Take up something else that gives you a sense of fulfillment. Take a break from what is disturbing you and focus on other things that bring you happiness. Once you have regained your balance, go fix what caused your mojo drop. I usually clean every nook and corner of my home – it is cathartic. As you arrange the cupboards and throw away the accumulated junk, some how life seems to fall back in place, and I re-discover my mojo 😊. What is actually happening is I am introspecting and fixing the problem.

We base our self worth on how others perceive rather than us believing in our capabilities. Believe in yourself!

Reach out to your friends – they will cry with you and feel your pain, but they will also show you the mirror and help you figure out how to regain your mojo.

Remember humans are social beings, one needs to be among people. Ensure you have a life filled with meaningful relationships and interactions.

Remember the saying, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy?” While career achievements bring in a heady feeling, make sure you take time off to recharge your batteries. You can run on forever withoutrest. Occasionally, take a break from your family responsibilities – you are a better parent or spouse or friend when you have made time for yourself. Nurture a hobby, play a sport, replenish your soul with music, take in a movie or play,donate your time for a noble cause or spend time with friends and family and have many good laughs.

Develop a sense of detachment. As Lord Krishna mentions in theBhagvad Gita, “Perform your duty to your best, don’t worry about the results”.  Mind you, detachment does not mean disengagement. It means going about life, without letting external factors affect you. Meditation over a period helps you with self-introspection and over time onelearns to respond and not react to situations.

A healthy mind can reside only in a healthy body, so eat healthy and keep fit. Exercise releases endorphins which trigger a positive feeling in the body, so it makes it even more difficult for your mojo to diminish in the first place.

If you are not able to regain your mojo even after a few weeks, then you need to reassess your priorities, identify problem sources and make the changes that will make you happy. No matter what, nothing in life should keep you down, snap out of itor your own or with your friends or medical help. Life is a promise – fullfil it.

Pc: Deepa Swaminathan

So why the long gap between my last blog and this one. Your right, I had lost my mojo!! But hey!! It’s back now 😊.