Today more than anything else, the world needs leaders – not just to shape the future of countries, but to shape that of industries, corporates, NGOs, communities, schools i.e., in every sphere of life.

Leadership skills are not present at birth. It is not solely defined by the natural magnetism driven by looks, personality and communication skills. Even the quietest person can be a successful leader if one is passionate about a mission or a cause.

A leader should be:

  • Able to inspire people and teams to action.
  • Draw upon his/her network to fix blockers, move things forward.
  • Dynamic with a bias for action and leading from the front.
  • Drive people to innovate constantly in all realms of life.
  • Communicate effectively and from the heart i.e., articulate authenticaly.

Wait………………these are exactly the tenets that ‘The India Leadership Think Tank’ (TILT) espouses. TILT is a peer-to-peer leadership forum founded by renowned coach Ian Faria and focuses on enabling the members to hone the five essential leadership tenets (INDIA): Inspire, Network, Dynamic, Innovation, Authentic articulation. Our mission is GROW SELF and GROW OTHERS and make India Number 1.

Leadership skill cannot be honed by reading – actions must be taken and learning must happen on the ground. You may not be able to experiment at your workplace as the environment and support may not exist. That is where TILT fits in. TILT provides you with a platform for experimentation of various leadership aspects. You have a free reign to implement and execute your ideas. Every member encourages you to do your best and has your back should you fail. It is a place where the magic of diversity embellishes the germ of an idea and transforms it into a full-grown concept. At TILT, successes are celebrated, and failures are seen as an opportunity to learn from. What better platform than TILT to help you grow yourself?

Difficult to believe? Here is an example of how it happens at TILT.

Early in April, a few of us got together to with the goal to ensure that every member of TILT networked with each other not just via LinkedIn but in spirit too.  What started off as a plan to do 3 Km walk at Cubbon Park, Bengaluru, on a Sunday morning, got transformed into a 7-day virtual event (thanks to COVID-19 wave two), because of collective brainstorming.  The most interesting aspect in all this is that the team that came up with the idea and drove the event, had never worked with each other till then.

The entire community participated whole heartedly in the events and each TILTian ended up building new relations in the tribe. This event helped us TILTians reinforce some important leadership lessons:

  • Leveraging the power of cognitive diversity and collaboration from idea to execution.
  • Capitalizing on the competitive spirt of humans to push each one to give their best.
  • Every member in a team pulls their weight when they have signed up for a larger cause.
  • There is space and opportunity for every individual to learn and grow.

Once you have experienced this, isn’t it easier to implement it in your personal and professional lives, thereby helping YOU GROW and GROW OTHERS? That is the POWER and MAGIC of TILT.

Interested in being part of TILT? Call me.